Saturday, July 19, 2008

WoW leveling guide Power level an Alliance / Horde character to lvl 75 in days!!

Its not very often that I recommend a product, but when I do you know that its good! Zrgor Guides for World of Warcraft is the most detailed comprehensive WoW leveling guide for all Horde/Alliance characters.
If your wanting to power level your character faster an reach lvl 75 in a matter of days then the Zygors guides is the book to get!!
When you receive your copy of this special guide your learn exactly what items you need to get and the right locations you need to be to power level faster.
This WoW leveling guide acts as a walkthrough of everything you need to do and tell what times are the best to level your hero.
Sometimes its not the way your leveling thats preventing your from reaching lvl 75 fast but what type of hero you are using, the Zygor guide shows you how to maximise your heros abilities in each particular class.
So if your wanting to get the edge over your competitors and learn those tips and secrets that only the "Pros" know then Zygor guide is the one for you.
Make your WoW gaming that much easier and download the Zygor guide now!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

WOW Leveling guide - World of Warcraft power leveling guide

These guides below teach you the fastest ways to hit level 60-70 in a matter in days!! They will show you where to go and what to do through easy to use step by step instructions. I have chosen a guide for Horde and Alliance check them out below-

This guide is catered for using a Horde character and tells you exactly where to go, what to kill, and what quests to turn in, to power level to 60 - 70 in a week at the max! Sometimes you might even find you turning in 4 or 5 guests in one day! The author of the guide shows in a video how he got to level 60 in 4 days 20 hours! If you wanna find out more or download it now, click here

Joana's Horde guide also includes-

  • Joana's 1-25 Blood Elf Leveling Guide
  • Joana’s 1-60 Horde Leveling Guide
  • Joana’s 60-70 Outland Step-by-Step Guide
  • Joana’s 60-70 Outland Reference Guide
  • Plus printable version of all the above guides

Download now!!

For Alliance players this is the guide for you!! One user claimed that by using this guide he completed 4 level 70 alliance characters in 9 days!! Brian Kopps Alliance guide teaches you to reach level 70 through guests, as you already know quests are a faster than grinding especialy when your in the Outlands! With this guide you dont need to resort to buying a character or purchasing gold from ebay.

Brian Kopps Alliance leveling guide also covers:

  • Where to find WoW fastest pet, mostly are rare pets.
  • Fastest WoW lockpicking training if you play rogue.
  • Information about WoW blackrock depths roccor.
  • How to sell WoW large radiant shard in auction house for the maximum profit
  • Location of WoW master leatherwork trainer
  • WoW alliance hunter talent build PVE
  • WoW best hunter build PVP
  • Warcraft nightelf druid widheart secret skills.
  • The best place for WoW heavy leather drops.
  • How to level WoW enchant thrown weapon
  • WoW best alliance rogue talent builds.
  • New priest talantes world of warcraft expansion
  • World of Warcraft of Warcraft deadly poison 5
  • World of Warcraft gather addon explanation.
  • WoW 2.0 rogue macros and other macros.
  • Bonus hunter pet guideworld of Warcraft
  • Night elf huntrerss rare gear and weapon grind.
  • Advanced World of Warcraft levelingtips and gold making guide
  • Location of World of Warcraft artisan enchanter and many other secret vendor
  • How to grind WoW warlock armor over and over again.
  • How to use new warlock and mage magic PvP and PvE
  • Updated WoW alliance hunter and rogue PvP macros